5 Sex Positions To Drive Her For Better Sex | Try It To Blow Your Mind

5 Sex Positions To Drive Her For Better Sex Try It To Blow Your Mind

As sex positions go, we all have different favourites, but most of us naturally gravitate towards our old reliable, the missionary position. Nevertheless, everyone has their own favourite, and it’s fun to change things up. There are surprising similarities and differences when it comes to the top 5 sex positions listed by men and women. Ladies First: Against the wall Obtaining this feat is a difficult task, but when it occurs, it really happens. Can’t we just have 5 minutes of wall-banging for you guys? I know it is exhausting…

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Amazing BDSM Whip Sex Guide For Boring Sex Life


This is a BDSM Whip Sex Guide for beginners, who want to ease into the world of bondage and then move forward. Do you think of masked men wearing black leather bodysuits and spiky necklaces and possibly a terrifying woman who cracks a whip when you hear the word bondage? Unfortunately, you are wrong. It wasn’t your fault. With perhaps the exception of the recently released Fifty Shades of Grey, this is the only image that Hollywood has given us to reconcile bondage in our heads. Many people find it…

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Relationship Advice for Lesbian To Maintain Relationship

There are no limits to love! The experience of falling in love is wonderful. It can happen at any moment. Lesbian couples experience the same thing when falling in love. It is more likely for two women to have conflicts when they stay together, so here are some tips to keep a good lesbian relationship. In what ways can a lesbian relationship be maintained? 1. Breakups in Lesbian Relationship: Breakups are usually triggered when women get jealous over small issues. Being jealous can ruin a healthy relationship. Having a lack…

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What do vibration penis rings do? How do I use it?

If you are someone who loves long intense erections without worrying about any dysfunctional problems then, guys “penis ring” are an excellent choice for you. What is a penis ring? Also known as cock rings, erection rings, vibrating rings, shaft rings, or tension rings; so, do not ever get confused with the name. Penis rings are worn around the penis to restrict the blood flow of the erect penis to make a stronger, better, and longer erection. They come in various types of materials but mostly in silicon, metal, rubber.…

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8 Unique Health Benefits of Sexual Activity


We explored oxytocin’s role in sexual activity in our guide we mentioned some benefits of sexual health, and we concluded that sex is great exercise. But sex offers a lot more benefits. In this article, we will list 8 of them. 1. Improved Cardiovascular Health Having sex at least twice a week lowers the chances of heart disease by 45% according to a study by the New England Research Institute. The results are not surprising. You keep your testosterone and estrogen levels balanced while having sex, which boosts your heart…

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How to have good sex with your wife: Tips by iSexToys

Marital romance may sound like a contradiction in words, but the truth is that a strong foundation of love and memories creates a vivid, steamy relationship that two strangers would never be able to build. I can confirm this myself, because I’ve had the best sex I’ve ever had with my partner of many years. Any man can have great sex with his wife, but he has to see marital sex in a whole new light. The problem is that people see married couple sex as a boring mix of…

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How to Have Phone Sex Chat: Exactly What To Say & Do?

If you’ve never dialed a good mobile phone chat line before, you can just plan on being a little cautious as they are usually highly habit-forming. One of the best things about calling one of the informational free flirt lines is that you can be mysterious and pretend you want to be anyone. Hey, please don’t worry at all about thinking about or finding out your true identity; Simply because all these free trial mobile party lines will be confidential and as a result probably no one will be able…

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Before considering breast enlargement surgery, think twice

Are you confident enough in yourself? We all want to look sexy, but we can’t deny that sometimes we lose confidence when we feel that there is something missing from us. The size of a woman’s breast is unquestionably important. Increasingly, women are choosing breast enhancement both for how they look and for how they feel, and we know it is also one of a woman’s assets. Breasts are certainly a common object for male sexual fantasies, so I guess this is perhaps one of the reasons why a lot…

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A Brief Primer on Anal Beads: What They Are and How to Use Them


Anal beads: Anal Beads are a series of attached beads designed for anal play. That’s the short version. If you’re new to anal play and have always wondered what would be a good way to get into it, anal toys are a great answer. Typically, there are around half-a-dozen beads on a string; with some models, all the beads are the same size and with others, the beads are graduated, so you’ll have small beads at the very end of the attachment, with the beads increasing in diameter as you…

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Anal Beads – A Sensual Adventure for Gay Men and Lesbians Alike

Extensive studies coupled with anecdotal evidence have revealed that many gay men enjoy anal sex and play. I know. I was as surprised as you are. While the mind-blowing orgasms that can come about as a result of p-spot stimulation would make anal beads seem like a natural fit for gay anal play, many lesbians also enjoy anal play and the sensations that can result from a session with anal beads. Anal Beads: Anal beads are perfect toys for gay men and lesbians alike, so let’s look at how anal…

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