5 Sex Positions To Drive Her For Better Sex | Try It To Blow Your Mind

5 Sex Positions To Drive Her For Better Sex Try It To Blow Your Mind

As sex positions go, we all have different favourites, but most of us naturally gravitate towards our old reliable, the missionary position. Nevertheless, everyone has their own favourite, and it’s fun to change things up. There are surprising similarities and differences when it comes to the top 5 sex positions listed by men and women.

Ladies First:

Against the wall

Obtaining this feat is a difficult task, but when it occurs, it really happens. Can’t we just have 5 minutes of wall-banging for you guys? I know it is exhausting for you.

Feet in the air

Hot yoga classes pay off for many women since they are able to show off their flexibility. Now that she has stretched a bit, let’s get those ankles over her head!


There is nothing better than a girl who knows how to ride. As a result, we are in the ideal position for clitoral stimulation and we love the ability to adjust the angle and pace.


Got it? Despite it being a go-to and considered to be very ‘vanilla’ on the spicy scale, it is one of our favourites because of how good it feels when you’re close enough to kiss.


Yep, this one is amazing. You don’t have to worry about us grabbing it from behind and we don’t mind a little finger vibrator action in the front while you’re at it.

Women were underrepresented in the following positions:

Unfortunately, we do not like the whole ass in the face situation.

• Spooning Sex
Unfortunately, no. Spooning and spooning alone are the only positions available. You cannot use a fork.

• Reverse Cowgirl
You may like it, but by staring at your feet we’re not getting much of a show. It can be pretty good, though, sometimes, if the angle is right.

Let’s talk about the Gents:

Men prefer this move more than women. Their usual position is at the bottom, so they can enjoy the view while relaxing.

• Reverse Cowgirl
The guys again win this round, but the girls don’t. Nevertheless, can they blame you when your a$$ is right there and you’re taking charge?

• Cowgirl
Finally, one we can agree on. The girl-on-top number definitely won’t get old when he gets to relax and enjoy himself while working the show.

• Missionary
Sounds interesting, doesn’t it? Although this job gets a lot of criticism, it still ranks #2 among men and women. How could it be otherwise? Besides neck smooching, you get full control over the situation.

• Doggy
I’d like to congratulate…! I’m right there with you. As much as (or more than!) we love dog style, guys love it even more. If she doesn’t like it, take her to the pound.

Among the guys’ least favourites:

 Spooning Sex
That’s great, we agree. It is impossible to make it happen easily, so let’s just not.

 Feet In The Air
She has her feet in the air, not he. They say the angles don’t line up so well once she’s up in the air.

 Lotus
The thing where he sits up and your legs wrap around his back when you sit facing him. Because it takes so much strange positioning to make it work, guys aren’t big fans of it.

Were you able to mention your favourite position? If we missed yours, please leave a comment!

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