A Brief Primer on Anal Beads: What They Are and How to Use Them


Anal beads:

Anal Beads are a series of attached beads designed for anal play. That’s the short version. If you’re new to anal play and have always wondered what would be a good way to get into it, anal toys are a great answer. Typically, there are around half-a-dozen beads on a string; with some models, all the beads are the same size and with others, the beads are graduated, so you’ll have small beads at the very end of the attachment, with the beads increasing in diameter as you go up the string.

The spherical shape of the beads ensures that both during insertion and removal, you’ll have consistent stimulation to your rectum and anus. Their relatively small size makes them particularly friendly to anal sex toys play newcomers—you can start with small beads and you don’t even have to insert the entire length into your rectum to enjoy the beads’ pleasurable effect.

Once you’ve gotten accustomed to standard-issue anal beads, you can always spice up your ass play with vibrating anal beads. Just like the anal beads we’re familiar with, they’re a set of spheres attached to a cord of some sort, only these beads have vibrating bullets in them. They’re perfect for anal enthusiast who wants to take their sensual experience to a whole new level.

When using a butt plug, it’s best to apply a water-based anal lubricant to each bead. Anal lubricants have a higher viscosity than typical sexual lubricants—they’re thicker and give you more lubrication for your anal adventures.

Before insertion, get relaxed with some pre-insertion masturbation or foreplay—this will help to relax the sphincter muscles and make insertion more comfortable. Then slowly insert the beads, savouring the sensation as each one enters. When you’re ready to withdraw them, do it slowly – the sensation will be just as intense as insertion.

Anal plug is a simple anal toy, but they’re great at delivering electrifying anal sensation. Whether you’re a newcomer to anal play or a longtime enthusiast, you’ll find a lot to love with the butt plug.

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