Anal Beads – A Sensual Adventure for Gay Men and Lesbians Alike

Extensive studies coupled with anecdotal evidence have revealed that many gay men enjoy anal sex and play. I know. I was as surprised as you are. While the mind-blowing orgasms that can come about as a result of p-spot stimulation would make anal beads seem like a natural fit for gay anal play, many lesbians also enjoy anal play and the sensations that can result from a session with anal beads.

Anal Beads:

Anal beads are perfect toys for gay men and lesbians alike, so let’s look at how anal beads can spice up the erotic experience and what should go into a buyer’s decision when purchasing anal beads.

Some tips for using anal beads are applicable to both gay men and lesbians alike. Choose anal beads that will be comfortable for you. Make sure that the material of the anal beads will be agreeable to you – you don’t want to present your gay or lesbian partner with a spiffy new strand of anal beads and then find out that they’re allergic to the latex butt plug you just bought. Size is important.

Make sure that the anal beads aren’t so large that they’ll cause discomfort or pain, or so small that your gay or lesbian partner isn’t going to be moved one iota by the sensation. Always use plenty of lube with anal beads, whether for gay or lesbian anal play. The rectum doesn’t provide its own lubrication, so the onus is on you to make sure that your experience with anal beads will be a stimulating one, not a painful ordeal.

The rectal tissue of gay men and lesbians alike is ultra-sensitive and extremely responsive to tactile sensations. Tactile sensations like the kind provided by anal beads. With ancillary prostate stimulation, an anal bead pull may be stimulation enough for gay men to enjoy explosive anal orgasms.

Anal bead play can be enjoyed solo or with your gay or lesbian lover in on the fun. Take turns with the anal beads. Stimulate the genitals concurrently with the use of your anal beads. The experience of an anal orgasm, or in the case of gay men, a g-spot orgasm on top of genital stimulation can make the anal beads experience a truly mind (and other organ) blowing experience.

When engaging in anal beads play with your gay or lesbian partner, keep the pace gradual. The anal beads don’t have to be crammed in at once and you certainly don’t want to yank the anal beads out as if you’re pulling a parachute ripcord. The anal beads will provide the most pleasurable sensations if your gay or lesbian lover is relaxed and the insertion and withdrawal of the anal beads is a slow, gentle process.

The anal beads will contact all the sensitive parts of your rectum to give you an exhilarating gay or lesbian anal play experience. Anal beads call for quality time; they’re not particularly suitable for a five minute gay or lesbian encounter.

Anal beads are available in different variants that can enhance the gay or lesbian anal play experience. Vibrating anal beads give the traditional anal stimulation with the enhancement of adjustable vibration settings, allowing the sphincter tissue to enjoy that much more excitement and delight from the anal beads.

Rippled dildos, sculpted with anal bead protrusions, give the excitement of anal beads with the firmness of a dildo. So for your next gay or lesbian anal encounter, try anal beads in any one of their myriad configurations and revel in the anal sensation.

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