A list of 10 best sex toys for couples recommended by the sexual therapist

What would you think if I tell you that there are some sex toys that you could use to not only experience some amazing sexual pleasure but also you can be a better lover. So whenever we hear about sex toys or adult toys, and think if why we want to use them and the obvious-based answer is that maybe you don’t have a partner or you kinda want to dazzle things up for a little bit. Indeed, Sex toys are great for them but do you know that these…

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Tips For Introducing Sex Toys To Your Partner

Sex toy

This includes not only the use of sex toys, but also offering a sex toy to your partner. This is an art. A sex toy should be presented in a beautiful and tasteful way to ensure that it becomes a source of blissful desire for you and your partner. A large section of the population is either not aware of the concept of sex toys or opposes its use due to social taboos. Should your partner be one of them, you might have a hard time convincing them to try…

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