Date Russian Girls, To Get Her Into Your Home


Date Russian Girls! Date Russian women or Date Russian sexy ladies who are looking for YOU for a long term relationship! These gorgeous gals want a soul mate, a normal, kind, honest and sincere guy – like YOU!

What is important to you in her profile?

What should you look for?

What should you ran away from?

My FREE long distance dating tips on how to date Russian girls and foreign dating sites that I reveal to you, are all that you need to get yourself one of these Russian sexy ladies into your home! I got one into my home (now – our home) and you can to!

At first, looking at all the women and reading all their information in their profiles, was interesting if not intriguing to me. Actually, it was very exciting!

Maybe you have this same feeling? Good, if you do. This will keep you going, all the way till you get her into your home!

Soon I realized that I needed to focus because I spent so much time just looking with few results.

What really helped me to get my own Russian beauty, was my new faster computer and high speed ISP. I could look at 100 profiles, quickly view several hundred photos and fire off a dozen letters within 30 minutes. Then I still had time to answer all those other ladies with my second, third, or fifth letter, etc.

Date Russian girls

It took me about two years to get to that point to date Russian girls. Then once that I had this system in place, within 3 months I went from writing to 25 ladies per day to only one – my Russian beauty!

You can do the same, especially if you read my information about my pre-written letters. You can get samples of them also all for FREE! This is my way of helping you to get what I got, the sweetest, cutest, little blond Russian wife, my Nadia!

After making so many mistakes in the beginning back in 2001, by mid 2003, I knew what to look for in a woman’s profile in order to date Russian girls. I did not waste my time if these Russian girls did not have certain criteria.

If they were still exceptionally sexy and appealing to me, I contacted them with my first letter, even if they didn’t meet my other criteria. Why not? Can’t catch any pretty fish if you don’t go fishing!

To date Russian girls, the first thing that I did was to skim through all the photos, even if they were too young for me. This was always a fun part for me. With a slow computer this can really take more time than it should take. You need to look at all of each woman’s photos that catch your eye.

Through trial and error I found out the hard way. I learned not to waste my time to write to any new lady if she did not have a picture close up of her face. Some will look good from the distance, but later I found out that they do not have a close up for a reason. After all, they know that they are in competition with some great looking gals. The odds are against them. I can’t blame them for trying! I wish all of them the best, except for scammers, of course!

I concentrated on the photos of the women who where in the age bracket that I actually needed to be looking in. Some sites allow you to choose specific ages of women. Others only give you a range of ages.

When I could, I wanted to consider ladies over 40. I knew that 20 years difference was considered the maximum age spread. I was looking closer to 15 years younger than myself. Because some of the sites had categories of ages “35 to 45” or “35 and older“, I ended up meeting a 38 year old woman who married me. Happy by default! Actually we both give our Christian God the credit for bringing us together. We each were an answer to each others’ prayer! Praise the Lord!

Next, if I liked her face and her shape, then I quickly scanned her profile.

First thing for me to consider was what her age limit was for a man. Most women chose 55 years old as usually the maximum upper age limit for the man. Even though I was beyond that by a couple of years, I did not let that stop me from writing to them, even if they chose 50 as the maximum age. I still gave them a chance at me – generous of me – wouldn’t you say?

This was my way to date Russian girls!

20 to 30 year old women who want an older man!

A word or two of caution – when you date Russian girls, be leery of a 20-30 year old Russian girl who chooses a man’s age to 60, 80 or 100, especially if she does not have a child! That is either a typo entry mistake when she filled out the form to submit her profile or she is teasing or she is a scammer. Many of the scammers are men and only use the girl’s photo. As tempting as these young hot girls appear – stay away! That is my advice!

The sites here that I recommend, to date Russian girls, for the most part, are scam proof due to their screening process. But as always, if it smells like a fish, it probably is! Be careful when you date Russian girls.

Use your knowledge. If you do not have enough smarts then you need to get some! Read this whole web site and get the information that I recommend.

You will be glad that you did! In fact you will thank me!

At first, I never was concerned from where she lived or was raised. Later I realized that there are some differences in the type of woman that you could get, depending on where she lives.

Also you have to consider traveling to meet her.

Stay away from Moscow and St. Pete! That is my personal opinion. You might get different advice from some other author on another site about how to date Russian girls.

I also recommend that you stay away from an extremely rural area. It is difficult for both of you. She will have to meet you in a strange place for her and you. If you meet her in her home town, your trip to Russia will be very exciting. I get into this more elsewhere.

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