How to have good sex with your wife: Tips by iSexToys

Marital romance may sound like a contradiction in words, but the truth is that a strong foundation of love and memories creates a vivid, steamy relationship that two strangers would never be able to build. I can confirm this myself, because I’ve had the best sex I’ve ever had with my partner of many years.

Any man can have great sex with his wife, but he has to see marital sex in a whole new light.

The problem is that people see married couple sex as a boring mix of tried and tested tricks and old tricks. What they don’t see is the ability to be completely honest with someone who has already made a promise, for better or worse. Explore a fantasy with someone you just met and they might call you a pervert and walk away.

Do the same with your spouse, and you may just enjoy the idea of ​​bringing old routines to life (provided you have an open line of communication to begin with). Below are the top four tips that can help you build marital intimacy and romance. These tips will surely help you achieve your goals of great sex with your wife.

Married Sex Tip #1: Create a Romantic Mood

Women need a little more time than men in the arousal department. It’s a fact that you can’t navigate. If your wife has been chasing the kids all day, the last thing on her mind is sex. Complaining that he gave it to you also won’t help. For women sex is first mental, then physical.

It stimulates your mind. Marital romance is easy. It starts with accepting your needs. Helping around the house, a little hugging and enjoying the good times will soften your lady and make her more open. Telling him that he’s still the apple of your eye will make him rumble. be honest.

Tell her how much you care about her, what she means to you. take out the trash. Make one or two plates. It may sound insignificant, but she will feel so appreciated that not only will you have great sex with your wife, but making love can top the charts!

If you hate doing that, just remember: When you were single, you could spend hundreds of dollars on a woman and not even have sex. If doing the dishes can almost guarantee sex, isn’t it worth it?

Married Sex Tip #2: Go on a Date

It can be more difficult with kids, but having great sex with your wife can cost a babysitter. It doesn’t matter if you’re 2 years old or 50, a single “date” that begins in the early stages of dating will create marital romance and make it easier to go to bed with your woman.

Married Sex Tip #3: Listen

The last tip to have great sex with your wife is to just pay attention. When you’re barely interested in the details of your wife’s day, she won’t respond favorably to you. Women have to feel heard to feel loved. If you don’t want to spend time like this, expect a cold reception in the bedroom.

Married Sex Tip #4: Try New Things

The point that Rupert Holmes’ popular song Pea Coladas made was that couples do not talk about their wants and needs. As a result, they never realize that they may have similar sexual tastes and views. If these ideals are discovered then it can make the sex life of the married couple fresh and new.

Do you want to play with sex toys? You might be surprised to learn that your wife does too. You won’t know until you ask. Be open to your thoughts too! If you make your wife feel that your thoughts are too strange or bizarre, she will not only offer you more ideas, but she will also be less receptive to you.

Marital romance begins with love and care. All it takes is building intimacy, a listening ear, and the ability to date your woman from time to time. If you can do these things, you will always have a great marital romance and wonderful sex with your wife.

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