What is Vibrators?

Vibrators are one of the most popular sex toys in India. Additionally, they are one of the most recognizable sex toys in the world, making them a popular option for sex toys. They come in a variety of shapes, colors, sizes, and intensities. Designed for all types of sexualities, they are made from a wide variety of materials. The vibrators are incredibly versatile, ideal for solo sessions and couples’ sessions. The massive choice you have at your fingertips might seem overwhelming, but it’s hard to pick the wrong vibrator with so many options.

The first time you purchase a vibrator, think about what type of vibrator you find sexy. Does your partner enjoy playing with a vibrator? When it comes to stimulation, what really gets your attention? When purchasing a sex toy, consider allergies and material preferences, and if you’re in a relationship, find out what your partner likes.

What types of vibrators are there?

Women’s Vibrators

VIBRATORS ARE NOW AVAILABLE FOR WOMEN!! Ladies, we have listened and found the ones that fit your style and your body. Ladies, we have listened and found the ones that fit your style and your body.

Men’s Vibrators

Vibrators for men are usually incorporated into male-centric sex toys such as cock rings and pocket pussies. That, in all fairness, doesn’t make them an actual vibrator, but rather a male sex toy with vibration capabilities.

Couples Vibrators

Vibrators are most often marketed to women, but just about anyone can enjoy the sensual stimulation that they provide. Generally, vibrators for women have unique designs that cater to the female anatomy, but don’t despair; even these can be enjoyable for men.

Choose the Best Vibrators for You

Having a good idea of what kind of vibrator you might be searching for, let’s look at the various types of vibrators we offer! Whenever possible, we at Adult Products India want to increase the comfort and curiosity of our clients, so if you have questions, please ask! Whenever you like. Please let us know if you don’t see a vibrator that you are interested in!

A Realistic Vibrator

Once thought of as the only choice in vibrators for women, realistic vibrators are now designed to look and feel just like the real thing! Often made of various materials and with a variety of vibration and rotation settings, these are ideal for women, but certainly strong enough for men as well.

A Classic Vibrators

For beginners, classic vibrators are ideal. They’re often simple to use and rely on plain designs. They come in a variety of shapes and colors and are used without an instruction manual, keeping it simple and stunning.

A Strapon Vibrator

The strapon dildo vibrators were designed to be used with a partner. Harnesses allow hands-free fun while still delivering all the good vibes of a standard vibrator. Many strap-on vibrators are integrated into dildos, making these easy to use contraptions twice as nice!

A Rabbit Vibrator

The rabbit vibrator is undoubtedly the gold standard among women’s vibrators. These dildo-come vibrators feature intense vibrations and pulses, swiveling heads, and swirling beads. Your clit will be tantalized by the tiny rabbit vibrator while the oscillating head engorges your g-spot.

Luxurious Vibrators

Made with top-quality materials, intuitive designs, and built to last- luxury vibrators will be your best kept secret for years to come. They are often made of silicone, which is more expensive than their plastic counterparts, but can stand the test of time in the bedroom. Choose the right cleaner and these toys will outlast even the most voracious sexual appetites.

Vibrators come in three distinct “types”. The most common one is the classic penis-shaped, battery powered plastic shaft. These have made great strides in the past few years. Gone is the pallid pink, hard shafted plastic wand. They are no longer made of hard, unforgiving industrial materials, but are pliable and eerily lifelike in both texture and resistance. We can also select from a myriad of colors.

Colors are great because it tends to make a women feel like her play penis is more of an accessory than a clinical tool. It’s hard to take a lime green vibrator too seriously, huh? It also tends to satisfy a woman’s need to personalize and claim to her own unique sexuality. After all, if they feel good wearing panties in their favorite color, why not have a vibrator to match? It must be a girl thing.

The primary drawback to the classic vibrator is that they often lack real power and are given to most inconvenient battery death. Few things in life are more frustrating that verging on a mind blowing orgasm and having the battery give out!

The second category of vibrators is the “wand” type. It overcomes the battery problem by running on wall current. The upside is that they are loaded with vibrating power almost too much. For many women, they are so powerful that if overused they can have a numbing effect.

While the right amount of well-placed vibration on an engorged clitoris is a very good thing, with too much the clitoris almost retreats in self-defense. Over stimulated nerve endings can virtually shut down. Some women actually experience desensitization to the point that it can take a week or so for the nerve endings to fully recover.

FOR THE RECORD: Vibrators do not cause long-temp or permanent desensitization. Another downside to wands is that they are large, cumbersome and quite unattractive. For this reason, they were designed and intended not for use as sex toys but as “personal massagers”. While I learned that some women like this type of mega vibrator, I certainly wouldn’t recommend it for a novice user, and I wouldn’t consider giving one as a gift or surprise.

The third type of vibrator is the “handle” type. It looks kind of like a small hairdryer with a small perpendicular shaft and a thicker end that accommodated a wide variety of soft latex heads in a wide selection of shapes and sizes. The top of the line vibrator would have to be a little number titled “The Rabbit Vibrator”. In a popular sex survey, it ranked number one for the third year running. The little bunny riding on top of a soft silicone shaft gives amazing clitoral stimulation and the shaft itself rotates for wonderful sensations. It is pliable and life-like, has variable vibration speeds and comes in a wide range of colors. The Rabbit is a battery model, so keep a good supply of batteries on hand and be prepared to please your partner or yourself.

As a general statement, I think it’s safe to say that every woman can climax with the use of a vibrator. The continuous, uninterrupted stimulation is the very thing that can send even slow to peak sex partners over the edge in a short period of time. A very important reminder: Before using any mechanical vibrator apply a liberal amount of lubrication.

As for the particulars of how to use one? Nobody knows better how to satisfy a woman than she does. This is the perfect opportunity to open new avenues of sexual communication and fulfill a fantasy or two in the process. What better way to learn how to please your partner than to make foreplay of watching her please herself? Pay attention to what she does to stimulate herself, how she moves the vibrator, and what makes her peak to orgasm.

Trust that even a shy or inexperienced partner, once given permission to be this naughty, will gladly participate in a game of self-exploration.

The most commonly used method of self-stimulation with a vibrator begins with localized pressure to the clitoris and progresses to the surrounding area as arousal intensifies. When nearing orgasm, most women will move from stimulating the clitoris (it becomes almost painfully sensitive) and insert the vibrator simulating the rhythmic motion of intercourse. Again, this is one of the benefits of that wonderful toy called “The Rabbit”. It allows for full penetration while simultaneously stimulating the clitoral area.

For the record. Guys, you will not be replaced by a vibrator. No mechanical device can replace the sexual energy and intimate bonding of uninhibited, mutually satisfying partner-sex. View the vibrator as an enhancement to your overall sexual experience, not as competition.