Why women shy of talking about their sexual needs


In our culture, it is hard to ignore the presence of sexuality; it is reflected in TV and magazine advertising, fashion, music, TV series, and movies. We would all think we would be open, relaxed, and comfortable with it, but often the opposite is true.

POINTS TO NOTE : Why women shy of talking about their sexual needs

Women often feel uncomfortable discussing sex and their sexual desires with their intimate partners.

Women avoid expressing their sexual desires because of embarrassment and fear of being rejected.

Sexual well-being depends on open sexual communication with your partner.

Many people feel embarrassment, shame, or inadequacy about discussing sex; it can be a sensitive and awkward topic. Most of us received negative messages about sex when we were young, so this shouldn’t come as a surprise.

Most of us lack even the most basic knowledge about sex because of a lack of sex health benefits education. Sex is not an acceptable topic in our society. As a society, we must talk openly about sex, ideally at school level, so as not to keep ourselves ignorant about sex.

By talking about sex with our intimate partners, we expose ourselves to judgment, criticism, and rejection. Knowing your sexual wants and desires can be frightening, especially when your partner’s reaction is negative, which can make you feel ashamed or humiliated. You also fear hurting each other’s feelings.

Several of my clients tell me that they believe they are the only ones who have difficulty – most of their friends have great sex lives, they believe.

We are led to believe that sex is something that comes naturally and that we should be instinctively good at it. This is simply not the case. From an early age, we learn how to perform basic human tasks, and when we get older, we learn how to study and get a job.

But we are only supposed to know how to have sex. The key to becoming a good lover is having good communication with your partner.

When we have sex, we can feel vulnerable and uneasy, and it can be difficult to have a dialog. Our anxieties about rejection, not performing well enough, body insecurities, or disclosing an unusual sexual desire can prevent us from communicating freely. To have better sex, one must talk about sex.

You can educate yourself more by reading books, magazines, and watching videos on male/female sexual anatomy, sexual positions, techniques, and so on.

Don’t look at porn, which gives us a very unrealistic impression of what sex is.

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