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If you find yourself interested in investing on a male masturbator then you have come to the right place. Male masturbators increases the act of pleasuring yourself a thousand times and are perfect for single guys who are in a bit of a dry spell or for those who are in a relationship, but are either away from their partner or wants to take it to the next level in the bedroom.

Male masturbators are increasing in popularity which is just awesome but there are far too many of them to choose from. Luckily we have provided you with this extensive guide so you can choose the best male masturbator for your needs.

What to consider when choosing a male masturbator

Male masturbators come in all shapes and sizes and can offer different features but here are several factors you should consider when choosing your male masturbator.


Material is quite important because it dictates how a masturbator would feel, and the closer the feeling is to the real thing, the better. Many companies like to come up with flashy and high tech names for the formula or material they use however most male masturbators today are made from Thermoplastic elastomer or TPR where only firmness of softness my be the only obvious difference among different brand names.

Inner design

The inner design or texture is probably the main aspect that determines if a male masturbators sex toys in India is great or a piece of trash. Inner textures range from ribbed, nubs, tapering, all the way to plain smooth inner design.

Outside design

Most male masturbators aim to resemble a real vagina, some products achieve this quite well and some like to stick with a generic looking vagina. Some companies have molded the vagina’s masturbator, butts masturbator and mouths masturbator of several adult actresses to assure that ‘real’ factor.


The overall size of a male masturbator sex toys can affect accessibility and ease of use. Larger products like the Pipedream Extreme F*ck Me Silly Slut would need much more preparation time and is harder to bring around while more compact products such as the Tennga Easy Beat Egg Masturbator can be be put in your bag when travelling with no real preparation time involved.


Cleaning is really important and should always be done. This not only ensures that your male masturbator will last longer but it would just be disgusting if you don’t clean up after finishing. Some products are open ended or have a mechanism that opens up which make cleaning very easy. Some products are even disposable so you won’t need to clean.

Top 5 male masturbators

The interactive chart above features very good products although in reality there are top 5 male masturbators that excels when considering several aspects. Discover the best male masturbators below.

1. Silicone Butt Anal Men Masturbation Sex

2. Silicone Vagina Men Masturbation Sex

3. Pocket Pussy

4. Fleshlight Male Sex Toy

5. Mouth Masturbator Sex Toy For Men

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